With At Home Bistro Personal Chef and Catering, you and your family can have a well-prepared, well-balanced, delicious dinner every night. You don’t need to know how to chop, dice, sauté or roast. You don’t have to pull out pots and pans, or clean the kitchen afterwards. You don’t even have to go to the grocery store.

As Easy As 1-2-3
1 - Chef Hans plans your meals with you
2 - Chef Hans shops for the best ingredients
3 - He cooks fabulous meals for your entire week

At Home Bistro
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More affordable than eating out!

Perfect for those who watch what they eat

Family Together Time

As a culture of fast food and immediate gratification, we need to take the time to connect with each other. What better way than around the dinner table. It allows parents to touch base with their children, it provides opportunities to practice family values, and it offers a safe environment for discussions. It also affords an opportunity to demonstrate and practice proper etiquette, which may come in handy later on in life.